Rocky Mountain Hemp Water

Rocky Mountain Hemp Water

Natural ingredients Combined with the Highest Quality Hemp.


All of our hemp comes straight from organic certified Colorado farms and is of the absolute highest quality. Our water comes straight from the Rocky Mountains, and our bottling process is all done locally in Colorado! 

Made with Fresh Rocky Mountain Water

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Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice Plus water is the ultimate beverage for an alert and active lifestyle. Arctic Ice Plus is proprietary, anti-aging, microencapsulated hemp in pure Rocky Mountain water.


Every bottle of HMP2GO is infused with 30mg of microencapsulated organic Hemp Formula for maximum bioavailability, absorption and distribution.

Top Selling Products

HMP2GO Mango

If you like Mangos, you will love our Mango HMP2GO Hemp Water!

HMP2GO Original

The original HMP2GO water features 2 servings of 30mg of microencapsulated hemp!

Arctic Ice Green Apple

Our Artic Ice Green Apple is a sweet and delicious way to enjoy all the benefits of hemp!

Jan Helen | CEO


  • Before hip replacement, opioids were negatively affecting quality of life.
  • Introduced to CBD 3 years ago.
  • After hip replacement, used natural remedies and CBD.
  • Lost good friend to accidental opioid overdose.
  • Immediately experienced lifting of brain fog after quitting opiates.
  • Believes in the efficacy and future of CBD.
  • Lives an exceptionally active life year round.



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